Thursday, June 26, 2008



We have finally moved OUT of Casa de Slumlord and IN to Casa Fabulous.

There is squee.


It is so totally serene and lovely.


And all our stuff is there.

There's a little cafe with free wifi near my house, so I came down to post an update, check my email, do some banking... and realized that my outgoing email is totally not working. If you've written me lately, there may be a reply sitting in the box not getting to you. Please don't feel ignored! No internet at the house until the 30th sometime, so I am not available via email. If you are fortunate enough to have my cell number, by all means give me a call or a text if you need to get a hold of me. And I'll keep trying to get those emails out.

The best part? Realizing, slowly, that we really DO get to live there. That we really ARE going to wake up there every morning. That it really IS our porch, our yard, our kitchen, our fireplace. Sometimes you don't realize how awful things are until you are out of them, and all I can say to that is, we are well out of the awful.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I did not knit in public yesterday.

We have two bathrooms. One of these bathrooms is "the cat's bathroom" by which I mean, the litterbox sits on top of a vinyl cover in the shower stall, and we use the master bathroom to shower. This is a space saving tactic in a small apartment and it has worked well for many years.

I thought.

The children are responsible for cleaning the litter box. And I thought that they were carefully sweeping up any excess cat sand that may have tracked out of the box and depositing it into the bag with the rest of the cat mess, and then putting *that* in the trash.

Imagine my surprise when I removed the vinyl cover to start scrubbing tile and get the bathroom ready for our pending move-out, only to discover that the children have very carefully been lifting the vinyl and sweeping the excess sand into the conveniently located hole in the bottom of the shower.

No, no, it's okay. I'll just wait here while you process that, and then you can laugh.

Because as we all know, clumping cat sand + water = cement. In my drain. In a rental. So you can imagine my dismay. You can maybe imagine the yelling that might have taken place, and the pulling out of my hair, and the gnashing of my teeth.

I believe the words "What the FRAK were you thinking? Augh!" might have been uttered. Once or twice. As well as "Kitty litter plus water make CEMENT!! AUUUUGH." and also "You have just cost me THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS TO FIX THIS. AUUUUUUUUUUUGH!!!" and then there was some more gnashing and rending and tearing and we worked back around to "What were you THINKING?" and that was fun.

So I did not spend yesterday knitting in public. No, I spent yesterday with a shop vac, a length of flex hose, a roll of duct tape and an actual real Rocket Scientist, sucking clumping kitty litter out of my shower drain.

Actually, the Rocket Scientist did all the work. One thing I have learned when an engineer is on the job, just back the hell off and let them do their thing. Answer all calls for flashlights, lengths of garden hose, screwdrivers and cold drinks with alacrity, but otherwise, bugger off.

This task took the Rocket Scientist longer than you might think. But the drain, it is clear.

Then, I went out with a cute boy, and I drank mojitos in public. And I ate a Warm Chocolate Thing. And I had a steak. And while I was doing this, the children got to stay home and have leftovers. And I did not feel one bit guilty.

So I guess yesterday, for me, was WW Drink In Public Day. And after the kitty litter in the shower drain, I can only say that I earned it.

Monday, June 09, 2008

My Get Up And Go... Let Me Show You It.

Oh wait. No. Never mind. I have none.

That's right. Monday morning dawned bright and beautiful and full of floppy arms and flailing. I keep looking at all the cleaning and packing yet to do and my only thought is... DO NOT WANT. Also, MEH. It is noon and I am still in my pajamas, looking at furniture on the internet.

Very similar to how I react to it being finals, actually.

Knitting has slowed to a glacial pace and it is the same boring projects, all the time, around here. Lady E is coming along nicely, if slowly. I have about another 9 inches to go and then she will be ready to wash, block and THEN I will add some fringe and THEN I will give her to my friend M and there will be much rejoicing. I actually got Charade #1 mostly finished at last week's Stitch N Pitch game, but then it sat around in my knitting basket waiting for a Kitchener. Which it finally got during the Traditional Friday Night Scifi Channel Palooza.

But I will not post pictures because well... you've seen 'em. And wouldn't it be more interesting to see them finished, in some arty sort of photographic display? Sure it would.

And then... on Saturday... there was the senior prom. OH MY GOSH, prom. In this case, a picture is absolutely worth a thousand words.


But just in case? Here's a thousand more...

very happy

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Life. Put your art into it.

cookbook shelves china cubby half done china cubby detail

Shelves are painted and now we move on to embellishment fun. I'm sort of making this up as I go and I really don't know what I'm doing until I do it.

I have this friend who I met through another friend via the internet, the way you do these days. And this friend, she lives such an artful life. From jewelry made out of reclaimed bits, button tables to the book she is writing, she is this little dynamo of creative energy, always coming up with something and I think she is probably one of the most soulful people I know. She is just always on fire with some idea or another.

I kind of aspire to be her when I grow up. And it is so easy to compare oneself to someone else, isn't it? To think, "Oh one day I'll be like that and then things will really be amazing and I'll live this artful life too and be a creative amazing person. One day." and I think it is sort of our human condition, really. To project into the future.

Except I started looking around my house, because, you know, hel-LO? And I realized, I kind of already do live that life. It comes and goes in waves, but I do, and I am, and I can.

teapot bowls mug

I am not an uncreative person. Yet I constantly hold myself up to other people and come out wanting, come out short somehow. And I just wonder why the hell that is.

What scale exactly am I using? Where the hell did it come from? Why do I constantly sell myself short?

I don't think I'm the only person who does that. I think it may be a very common human condition. Personally, I think I'd like to be quit of it. I think I'm going to look around my house more often and think proudly, "No shit. I made that."

I think that the trick is really to live like that too. To look at your life and say, "No shit. I made that. Ain't it grand and in out loud color?" and I think the secret is, you have to do it now. You can't project it into laters.

torture the children

My artful life may not be making me rich, but I need to remember that I am actually living one.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Taking a break from all that packing...

... because there's only so much you can throw into boxes before you start dreaming about boxes and maybe in your dreams one night a giant moving box with teeth is chasing after you through the hallway of your apartment which has mysteriously gotten longer and longer and is NEVER GOING TO END and you wake up in a cold sweat and realize that maybe you could take a break from packing and it would be okay.

So there was Stitch n Pitch last night, which was fab. Naturally my boys in blue whipped the snot out of the Colorado Rockies 8-2. There was much rejoicing. As my friend Mr. Easy E once pointed out, it's a lot more fun to walk out of Dodger Stadium while Randy Newman is playing "I Love LA" than it is to walk out to the organ lady. There were quite a few knitters there last night from all around the local Blogosphere. I went with the gals from A Mano Yarn Center again this year. I am normally the girl who wins nothing, and surprisingly, I won a bag o' Tofutsies sock yarn last night. Well, actually, I'm still the girl who wins nothing. Mr. Easy E won it, and he doesn't knit - I have informed him that seeing as how I was holding on to his raffle ticket, he's shit out of luck and I'm splitting it with his wife. It was quite a jolly evening!

more knitters! knitters!
dodger dog swag!

And I've been repainting a bookshelf and old CD cabinet to turn into, er, a bookshelf and a curio shelf for my new dining room which is going to be so brightly colored as to perhaps require protective eyewear.

SO you take a crappy old CD cubby from Ikea that you got for free and instead of putting it into a landfill... you prime it... and you paint it... and then you wait for the paint to dry.

curio primed
first coat colorful

After a second coat of all colors, the plan is to face the cubby shelf in a dark blue, and the bookshelf in fuschia. I shall fill the bookshelves with cookbooks, tea books and books about food, and the cubby shall be filled with whimsical china. And then I believe the dining room stuff is done. I may or may not decoupage or freehand them with further designs. The landlord said we are go go gadget go for stenciling in the kitchen. Maybe get all moved in and see how I like it.

So that is what goes on around here when I'm not shoving stuff into boxes. Moving in less than three weeks. OMG.