Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Welcome Back to the PTA

Back when my kids were in elementary school, I was a busy PTA mom. I chaired committees, held Book Fairs, went to meetings, led a Brownie troop, coached soccer (two kids, two divisions, 4 years of hell) and did Little League.

And then the kids went to middle school and I stopped doing everything. Had a long bout of crippling depression. Spent a few years letting myself gently come back from that. Got separated from Mr. Yarnpirate. Went back to work. Didn't have any time.

So now we've come full circle. #2 Daughter's new school has a very active PTSA and involvement, while not mandatory, is strongly encouraged. And what the hell, right? I can pay my $10 annual fee and show up to a few meetings. While I was ponying up the annual fee, I noticed two words on the Student Interest packet. "Knitting Club" they read. Those two little words.

"Oh you have a knitting club?" I asked the parent volunteer.

"Actually, the parent advisor moved away at the end of last year. We need an advisor to run the club, I left it on the list because it was so popular I hoped someone would step up." she said.

That's when my hand shot up in the air and I began jumping up and down and squealing, "Oh! Oh! ME! MEMEMEMEMEMEME!!!" and doing the pee pee dance in the hallway.

I'm supposed to contact her in a few weeks, when things calm down, to set it up.

#2 Daughter is still not speaking to me. Because apparently NOTHING is worse than your mother jumping up and down and squealing "memememememe!" in the hallway on registration day, in front of everyone. Not even khaki is that bad.

So yeah. Welcome back to the PTA. I'm kind of excited. It feels good to be stepping up and back into that role. I'd missed it. I just hope that they don't make me wear khaki!

Also as an aside? Nothing is better than sending your ex husband a text that says, "By the way, you just joined the PTA." and getting back a panicked "I just did WHAT???" I suppose that eventually I should tell him that I wrote "Can not volunteer." next to his name on the membership roster.



Mouse said...

How funny.. I sort of ended up joining the PTA this year as well. At the moment we live only a few blocks from the school so I figured that it wouldn't kill me to help with something. My son is still at the age where he wants to be around me and WANTS me at the school.. so I figure that I'd probably better revel in that before I become an evil khaki pusher. lol.

KnitNana said...

You are so's good! Hope ex-hubby has a minor panic attack for a few days...
Does them good now and then, ya know?
I would have done the same thing - memememememe!!! PLEASE???
It's KNITTING, it's NOT just being a good parent!

luv2stitch said...

I have to applaud you for volunteering. I'm a total slacker mom but I did support the band auctions with handknits. Good luck and have a great school year.

Knitty Cat said...

My mother was never able to embarrass me. Doesn't mean she didn't try! I've got no shame :) Thanks for commenting on my blog too!

Eddy said...

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