Monday, August 25, 2008


Not that I need it? Not that I'm particularly deprived? It's pure impulse and desire speaking here...

I am never going to ever get a skein of Wollmeise to knit up.

Just one little skein of Wollmeise, that's all I want. Please oh please shoppers at The Loopy Ewe, couldn't you just leave one little skein for me when stuffing your carts full of ginormous Wollmeise purchases? Pleeeease?


"Of a little,
take a little,
manners so to do.
Of a little,
leave a little,
that is manners too.

My grandmother used to say that. She was talking about Congo Bars, not yarn, but you know the principle is the same.

It truly is a case of sour grapes, because I'm just crabby over missing the update by like, an hour. It's not like I lack yarn. I am surviving just fine without Wollmeise. Maybe this is a life lesson in being happy in the face of lacking The Most Glorious Sock Yarn In THE WORLD, Ever, In The History Of Ever.

I could actually get some Wollmeise and maybe hate it after all that fussing. Somehow I doubt it, but I'm going to try to convince myself that it's possible.


Anonymous said...

Obviously you don't get as much color choice or anything, but I have a skein I'd be willing to swap...

Wollmeise 80/20 Twin in Dornroeschen.

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

Oh my god, are you SURE?? That is SO generous of you to offer! Well obviously I don't have any Wollmeise to swap, but I've got some Handmaiden and Socks That Rock and other great stuff. Is there a brand that you really like in particular?

Lucia said...

Yeesh, did they do an update last night? Of course I missed it too. It seems like the only way to get any is to sit at your computer 24/7 obsessively hitting refresh, or else win one of Wendy's contests. I've almost decided that it's not worth the trouble, as I have, um, an embarrassing quantity already, but only almost.

Anonymous said...

Hrm. I emailed you re: the yarn swap (STR = yay) but I've been having problems with my email. So in short, yes, I'm perfectly willing to send you some Wollmeise. :)