Thursday, July 24, 2008

Please sir... we'd like some more.

Originally uploaded by Kimberly Jennery

Meet Oliver.

Formerly known as Zang, he will be making his home with us upon our return to LA. Because... how can you resist that face???

We are quite ready to be heading out on our road trip. Just getting a last few things done here and there, washed, sorted, packed... Trying to decide which yarns and patterns to take which is always difficult. I want to pack a million things, but honestly how much knitting time will I have?

The plan is to leave early tomorrow and get as far as Healdsburg. It used to be that when you saw the sign for Healdsburg, it meant that Santa Rosa was coming up soon and that meant Denny's, a burger, and a chance to pee. Now apparently Healdsburg is synonymous with wine, Michelin starred restaurants, and is sort of a fantastic Wine Country destination type place.

Who knew?

There is also a yarn store in Healdsburg, according to the internet. I am ridiculously excited. I have this feeling that the entire drive will reveal a very changed Hwy 101.

See you in a week!


Anonymous said...

Cute kitty. :) Have a nice trip!

KnitNana said...

Have a great trip! How many kitties is this now? Three?

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

We are up to four kitties now.

But, I am not a cat lady.