Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I am piggybacking off of a post from Faith which answered the question, "Okay LA folk... time to tell me... what are your favorite things about/in Los Angeles? Especially your favorite hidden secret stuff that maybe only locals know of. Or super good deals or scenes that make you happy. Stuff that actually makes you stop for a second and think, "Man, I love this place" whether you want to or not."

Oh man, there is so, so, so much that I LOVE about Los Angeles. I love this town so much. Actually, I historically have had sort of a love/hate relationship with Los Angeles, but ever since I moved to Pasadena it has turned into pure love. Sure, I wish there was more choice in the way of easily accessible tribal bellydance classes (unlike the Bay Area, tribal capital of teh world) but it's a small complaint when stacked up against the bounty that is spread out before me on any given day.

I love The Hollywood Bowl. I've seen many shows there, but the best was when I took my mom to see Willie Nelson two years ago.
A Mano Yarn Center
The Original Farmer's Market
All the other farmer's markets!
Mr. Marcel at The Original Farmer's Market (they get their own line, the cheese counter alone is worthy of high praise!)
Landmark theatres!
Cafe Brasil, on Venice Blvd.
Cafe Buna, on Washington Blvd two blocks west of Lincoln.
Hiking in Solstice Canyon
Griffith Park, specifically Fern Dell
The Huntington Library
The Tudor House
Craftsman homes in Pasadena.
Olveras Street
Philippes french dip sandwiches.
Dim sum in Chinatown
Wacko Soap Plant in Silverlake.
Pho in the San Gabriel Valley.
The Shack in Playa del Rey for burgers.
The beach.
Westminster Dog Park.
Little India crawls in Artesia.
Dodger Stadium
and all my friends who live here and make it home.

These are just a few of the things that make Los Angeles/Southern California wonderful, to me. There's so much more to do and see.

Like Randy Newman says... we love it!!


Anonymous said...

Every single one of your LA posts makes me homesick like whoa.

Some of my favorite places: Laguna Beach, Melrose Ave, the Beverly Center, the 101 past the 10, the City Walk at Universal, the Norton Simon (have you been there yet?), the Sunset Strip and the giant donut. :)

Jessie Mae said...

I think the Pasadena City College Extended Learning program has a tribal belly dance class. I have no idea how good it is, but it would be worth looking into.