Monday, June 09, 2008

My Get Up And Go... Let Me Show You It.

Oh wait. No. Never mind. I have none.

That's right. Monday morning dawned bright and beautiful and full of floppy arms and flailing. I keep looking at all the cleaning and packing yet to do and my only thought is... DO NOT WANT. Also, MEH. It is noon and I am still in my pajamas, looking at furniture on the internet.

Very similar to how I react to it being finals, actually.

Knitting has slowed to a glacial pace and it is the same boring projects, all the time, around here. Lady E is coming along nicely, if slowly. I have about another 9 inches to go and then she will be ready to wash, block and THEN I will add some fringe and THEN I will give her to my friend M and there will be much rejoicing. I actually got Charade #1 mostly finished at last week's Stitch N Pitch game, but then it sat around in my knitting basket waiting for a Kitchener. Which it finally got during the Traditional Friday Night Scifi Channel Palooza.

But I will not post pictures because well... you've seen 'em. And wouldn't it be more interesting to see them finished, in some arty sort of photographic display? Sure it would.

And then... on Saturday... there was the senior prom. OH MY GOSH, prom. In this case, a picture is absolutely worth a thousand words.


But just in case? Here's a thousand more...

very happy


KnitNana said...

Great prom photos!
(and I understand inertia)

sopranospinner said...

Just adorable!

And I subscribe to the flylady sort of plan. I work for 15 minutes and give myself a 45 minute break! Eventually it all gets done (at least the stuff that doesn't get undone again by the children).