Thursday, June 05, 2008

Life. Put your art into it.

cookbook shelves china cubby half done china cubby detail

Shelves are painted and now we move on to embellishment fun. I'm sort of making this up as I go and I really don't know what I'm doing until I do it.

I have this friend who I met through another friend via the internet, the way you do these days. And this friend, she lives such an artful life. From jewelry made out of reclaimed bits, button tables to the book she is writing, she is this little dynamo of creative energy, always coming up with something and I think she is probably one of the most soulful people I know. She is just always on fire with some idea or another.

I kind of aspire to be her when I grow up. And it is so easy to compare oneself to someone else, isn't it? To think, "Oh one day I'll be like that and then things will really be amazing and I'll live this artful life too and be a creative amazing person. One day." and I think it is sort of our human condition, really. To project into the future.

Except I started looking around my house, because, you know, hel-LO? And I realized, I kind of already do live that life. It comes and goes in waves, but I do, and I am, and I can.

teapot bowls mug

I am not an uncreative person. Yet I constantly hold myself up to other people and come out wanting, come out short somehow. And I just wonder why the hell that is.

What scale exactly am I using? Where the hell did it come from? Why do I constantly sell myself short?

I don't think I'm the only person who does that. I think it may be a very common human condition. Personally, I think I'd like to be quit of it. I think I'm going to look around my house more often and think proudly, "No shit. I made that."

I think that the trick is really to live like that too. To look at your life and say, "No shit. I made that. Ain't it grand and in out loud color?" and I think the secret is, you have to do it now. You can't project it into laters.

torture the children

My artful life may not be making me rich, but I need to remember that I am actually living one.


Marie said...

I love all the colors - wonderful! The outside of my house is painted many colors, but the inside is a bit drab.

One question - do the girls actually eat their peas?

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

They do! Fresh peas, anyway. ;-) NEVER canned!

Anonymous said...

We should take your scale and my measuring stick and have a bonfire.

Are you planning on starting up your pottery again once the move is settled?

Alwen said...

Good idea, phoe. So many artistic and creative people I know start out showing me something with, "I don't consider myself an artist, but . . ." then show me something amazing, and what I would call art.

Why? Why don't they consider themselves artists? Life needs more art, so why is it so itchy to say I'm creating some of it?

(Found poetry: my verification word = notfogs!)

KnitNana said...

Excellent post! And you will find, as you get older (one of the GOOD things about that) is that you accept who you are more and more, and say - WTF - I'm doing for ME! What I want, and it's Terrific!
(and your stuff is, hon...terrific that is - those cabinets are adorable, the pottery? Yes!)