Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I haven't posted in a while about my daughter's headaches - mostly because the drama with the school has passed us and we are doing great with Independent Study aka homeschool.

Today we saw the pediatric neurologist and we love her. Very good doctor. I wish I'd had the insurance to see her earlier. There is some juggling of medication going on and we are essentially going to be trying to strike a balance between getting the effects we *want* (no headaches) vs. side effects we can live with (because no drug is side effect free.)

For all the complaints I've had about the school, lack of insurance, out of pocket costs for drugs, wonky medication side effects, the state attendance board, blah blah blah blah infinity - I have to say that we have, from Day One, had absolutely top notch medical care from the practitioners we've seen. Our GP has been fantastic and now this other doc he referred us to is equally fantastic.

We may still not know exactly where we're going, but we're in great hands and I'm really reassured and encouraged.

It's a huge blessing and I don't take it for granted, not one bit. I feel very fortunate to have access to such great healthcare so easily, yes even if it is very expensive, I have it, and I just want to express that. Thank you Universe, thank you doctors, thank you insurance, thank you employers with insurance plans, if thanks are appropriate I am rendering them.

We really are pretty lucky here in this country. I need to remember that when food prices and gas and everything else makes me feel more like a "have not" than a "have." In all the ways that matter and more, I have what I need.

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KnitNana said...

Good attitude! And so glad things are better for daughter!!!