Friday, May 30, 2008

I have no yarn blogging for you. My stash is entirely packed and it was a real eye opener about just where so much money has gone over the last few years. The various sock clubs do seem to do a really nice job of taking the edge off my acquisitive yarn urges, so I am hoping this will serve as a reality check the next time I'm in a LYS and get the hurt for a hit of merino.

I have my Lady E, a Charade sock on the needles, and the BMFA S2S kit I am spinning left unpacked. If I get time to work on projects, that's going to have to suffice. And you've seen those before, so, ho hum, right?

I may not have yarn blogging, but I do have pancakes. And apple stuffed french toast. And cinnamon chai latte.

apple toast chai raspberry lemon

Life is good.


Phoe said...

Apple stuffed french toast? Mmmm...

Mouse said...

Yeah.. when you keep labeling bins and boxes with the words "knitting" and "yarn" it becomes painfully obvious where your money goes, doesn't it? Packing my stash was a little different this time than it was 3 years ago. *sigh*

KnitNana said...

OH YUMMMMMM.....moving this weekend?