Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Sent the Martian Death Crap on it's merry finally (I love you, Azithromycin! Call me!) and am starting to get my house and life back under some semblance of control.


Ok, no seriously. Trying to. During my enforced sojourn on the sofa, I realized that many things have spun out of my control and haven't been attended to. Things like finances and the apartment and the children and grooming the cats, my filing, expiration dates on canned goods, etc. You know, stuff like that. So I've started trying to retake a little bit of control over those areas of my life that were overwhelming.

I threw out a bunch of National Geographic magazines, went through my canned goods for expired crap, and organized my sock yarn into STR/not STR bins. Cleaned all the leftovers out of my refrigerator. Vacuumed up the drifts of cat hair on the living room rug. Began the arduous process of shaving one 18 year old Maine Coon who is a little too matted to groom.

I still can't find all my tax paperwork, the bedroom is a disaster and as yet, there are empty shampoo bottles cluttering up the bathroom windowsill. Still, I feel like I've made a good start in reclaiming my life.

Trying to get back in the habit of planning actual meals, as opposed to "open a bag of something frozen from TJ's/reheat/serve." Trying to cook those meals. Trying to shop for those planned meals. Trying to budget to shop for those meals. And btw? WTF is it with free range eggs being >$4 a dozen? IN WHAT UNIVERSE are eggs >$4 a dozen? It's not like there aren't enough eggs to go 'round. Hello, gas companies? Stop affecting my eggs. Kthxbye. Also please fuck off the rest of my grocery bill. Your high prices are driving my basic foodstuffs through the roof. While I am quite sure that the money I save by not buying takeout every day will more than cover those price increases? They're still riDONKULOUS.

Sometimes you wake up and realize you've drifted a little bit off center. That your plan isn't working because you stopped working at it. That you must once again cultivate mindfulness even though you'd rather be surfing Ravelry for sock patterns, catching up on Battlestar Galactica or reading the latest Livejournal spinning community drama.

This must be what being a grownup feels like.


Mouse said...

When you start realizing that keeping a live chicken would be cheaper than buying free range eggs.. something is wrong with that picture.

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

exactly. I've been wondering if I should set up a coop on the patio. :-/

Anonymous said...

That last paragraph absolutely nailed the chicken-sans-head feeling I've been having lately. You get pulled too far out and have to spend all this time getting back together again. Good luck.

Roxie said...

Being a grownup does mean that you have a clean house, good food, and you don't have to shave the old cat. But it's so much WORK! Once you get a working routine going, it will be easier. Things done by habit don't seem all that much like work.

BellaKarma said...

It sucks that lately eating out is cheaper than cooking a meal at home!