Monday, April 28, 2008

A New Spot For My Spinning Wheel

Today I drop off the deposit for a 3 bedroom cottage that the girls and I are going to be renting in the hills above Pasadena. There's a tiny scrap of yard for the dog, two rosebushes, and a redwood tree. We will have hardwood floors and a fireplace, plus a kitchen to make tea.

When I walked into the kitchen, there was a dish sitting on the counter that the old tenant had not yet packed.

It was my Grandma's china pattern, the "everyday dishes" she used until she replaced them with something involving pheasants that wasn't half so charming.

This, I believe, was a sign from G-d, the Universe, or something, and I knew the house was meant to be ours. So we asked for it. And the Universe (and, also, the landlord) said, "YES!" and I know in my heart that it was totally Grandma who made it happen. Because she would want us to have a charming cottage with a tree and a yard and floors and a mantel, as those things would fit her vision of what she always wanted for me.

Also? New landlord = total rock star. I mean, he's not a rock star, but, he's a really nice guy and I think I'll enjoy being his tenant.

There is so much squee and joy that I can barely contain myself. We move in June.

We are SO having a knitting day/spinning party in my new yard when I get all my stuff moved!!!


KnitNana said...

Squee is right! Oh you go, girl, Grandma is so making this the right thing for you all!

And I remember that - isn't it Blue Ridge Pottery?
(sorta comes from MY home, ya know? The Blue Ridge Mts...?)

Mouse said...

Congratulations!!! Could you send some of that mojo over here?

Shrinky Inky said...

That's definitely a great sign this move is a wise one for all three of you!! I can't wait to see pictures of the cottage!

if time exists said...

Congratulations! The cottage sounds utterly charming, and you're lucky to find a good landlord. Good luck with the moving!

sopranospinner said...

I am SO there! Congratulations on finding the perfect new place!


Laura said...


Thanks, Grandmom!