Friday, April 04, 2008

I don't know what the problem is with these dratted Pillars Of Atlantis socks but I've had to rip out and reknit the heel on the second sock because *again* it was too small. the leg was about 1/2 an inch shorter than the other one. I'm not sure how I did that, I swear I measured. It seems to be much better now and long enough. Heel is turned and we are zooming along towards the toe.

Mostly I just wanted to say, I paid $5 for a cauliflower today.

Not an organic cauliflower.

Not a fancy cauliflower.

Not a cauliflower with the face of Jesus in it. It was not made by Prada or Coach. It is not stuffed with rubies.

Just, a regular, run of the mill, garden variety cauliflower from Ralph's. Which happened to cost $5 because food prices in Los Angeles are hello CRAZY! and also insane and slightly inflated and stupid.

I probably would not have bought said member of the vegetable family if I had done the math in the produce dept. but once I got it up to the register I was sort of stuck and didn't want to be That Guy.

Now I have to find something amazing to do with the damn thing (besides steaming) to feel like I got $5 worth of cauliflower.


sopranospinner said...

I know what you mean! Albertsons used to be cheaper than Ralphs and now they're both much more expensive. I paid $5.99 for a gallon of milk last week at Ralph's, not Whole Foods, not 7-11. I have been buying my produce at the 99 cent store as it is SO much cheaper than the regular store. 99 cents for a cauliflower I can stand. I really should go to the farmer's market, though. My bad. Glad you're feeling better!

Mouse said...

Things to do with cauliflower? My recommendations are only if you like Indian food.. but I would recommend a nice steaming pot of Aloo Gobi (potatos & cauliflower in a tomato curry sauce) or if you are into fried foods.. batter dipped cauliflower (pakora)- I have recipes for both, if you'd like them just email me!

Ragnar said...

Lately I've been using Cauliflower instead of macaroni in macaroni and cheese. Two tablespoons each of butter and flour, melt butter in a sauce pan and stir in flour, slowly pour in a cup of milk (cow, goat, soy, it all works). Stir until mixture begins to thicken and stir in a handful of sharp tasty cheese (grueyre, asiago, cheddar, a mixture of any of these, it all works). Stir until creamy and smooth. If it's too thick add more milk, not thick enough add more cheese. Stir in your cauliflower (chopped into bite sized florettes). Transfer the whole mixture to a baking pan and bake until cheese is bubbly and starting to brown, and cauliflower is tender.

If you want to be extra fancy: crumble up a few slices of nice crusty bread and mix the "crumbs" with melted butter. Sprinkle them on top before baking so that they get all toasty and brown.

You can add other things to the cheese mixture as well, like sauted garlic, onions, mushrooms, and or hot peppers. Cabbage and/or carrots are nice.

It's my new favorite comfort food.

But seriously, five bucks for a cauliflower. I buy cauliflowers that have been shipped from California for $2...that's just not right.