Sunday, April 20, 2008

G... is for the Grove.

meta grove

This is a mall. It's totally a planned out space that is supposed to mimic an old fashioned downtown or perhaps Main St. Disneyland, but really it is still a mall. They pipe old school jazz and show tunes out on speakers hidden in the planters, and there is a fountain that dances in time to the music. Don't you just think you'd like to walk around in this area with some Frank Sinatra playing, getting your retail on?

grove statues

The statuary is particularly graceful. I love this statue so much and every christmas they build Santa's Scary House Of Horror around it and you can't see it for about a month. I am always kind of sad about that.

I am also always a little nervous about the statues ever since I watched that Dr. Who episode in season 3 called Blink. I just wonder, you know?

I spend hours here several days a week, dealing with the public and wearing very conservative clothing that does nothing for my complexion.

clock base

I spend a lot of time looking at this because there's a clock just above it that slowly ticks down the minutes until I can clock out and leave. Yay clock! I love your slow and inexorable ticking towards my freedom! Tick faster, ok?!


Mouse said...

Watching too much Doctor Who will also have you eyeballing the mall mannequins and waiting for them to move... lol.

Roxie said...

What's the name of this mall and where do you work? If I get a chance when we come to LA in Sept., I want to see your environs. You make things look so appealing. And I will insist we get a photo fromt eh top level of the parking lot, too.

Lucia said...

It looks gorgeous. I love the mosaic under the clock.

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

Roxie, it's called The Grove. I don't want to put the store I work in here, but drop a comment when you come out and we'll get in touch.

Lucia, I love it too! I especially love the mosaic when the clock says 9pm. ;-D

Mouse, totally! The blue Barney's mannequins totally creep me out for that reason. Especially late at night.