Saturday, April 05, 2008

A friend of mine linked to this blog: Fresh Mouth today and I found it to be a really interesting read.

Decided to make a "Cauliflower Cheese" with the $5 cauliflower (and it broke down depressingly into not a lot of cauliflower, too) which is somewhat over the top and amazing. I've made it before and something similar to what I make was suggested by Ragnar in comments to my last post, so why not. The children were dubious about the idea at first, but I really like it. I based tonight's concoction off this recipe, but then totally changed everything about it. Because I am more about the guidelines than the rules.

Mixed berry cobbler for dessert. Om nom nom nom.

So the big news is that the kids and I are moving out of Casa De Slumlord ("Howl's Poison Castle" as one of my friends calls it) and over to Pasadena sometime late this spring or early this summer. We are leaving the Westside entirely behind us. I've lived within half a mile of my current apartment ever since I moved to Los Angeles in 1996 so Pasadena will be a little bit like another planet. It's an adventure I am really looking forward to. I'll miss my peeps on the Westside at A Mano quite a lot, but there are rather a lot of knitters and some yarny goodness happening in the San Gabriel Valley and it'll be fun to get to know some new faces too. Plus, that is what freeways are for. To go visit old friends.

Having abandoned Planet Goth for sparklier pastures, Space Lady So-chan is exploring the Technicolor Nebula Of Rave.


this too shall pass.


Shrinky Inky said...

Pasadena will be like an entirely different galaxy (my verification word is xvega, so that's where Pasadena is), lol, but oooo, norton simon I love sooo much.

hmm, rainbowbrite is so adorable, let's hope a phase so she can go back to her splendid gothiness ;)

Anonymous said...

Oooh, the swap meet at the Rose Bowl is supposed to be awesomeness on a stick. And the Norton Simon is fantastic.

geogrrl said...

Yay for leaving the slums! How does this affect you job-wise, or does it?

(I'm not from around there, so my knowledge of LA-area geography is hazy at best.)

Mouse said...

I will email you the Aloo Gobi recipe this weekend sometime.. my life suddenly got crashed by a case of Suckage. I'm happy about your move.. sounds like it will be a positive thing. I like Ms. Ravebow Brite there.. but I much prefer her gothy look. Ps. I still say your daughter's hair is full of win and makes me happy every time I see it.

sopranospinner said...

She looks great! I hope I have the fortitude to let my daughter be whatever she wants when she is that age! I suppose one grows in to it...

Anyway, Pasadena's a lot closer to me, if that counts for anything. And the spin-in can move closer and more often, maybe?