Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Abandon everything.

"This much we know: God is failing.

Or more accurately, God is mutating. Changing. In flux. Becoming perhaps slightly less appealing as a dogmatic force of rigid closed-minded sit-down-and-shut-up paternal scowling and becoming perhaps more fluid, interesting, dynamic, unspecified, something you actually want to take into your heart and into your mouth and lick until you find the rich, creamy center and then define that taste for yourself, blissfully independent of what your parents or priest or president tells you, until you reach that point of deeper knowing where you can't help but go a-ha."

Want more? Mark Morford will give you more...

Also, while we're abandoning outdated memes and diving into the juicy center of what is real and true and healthy and good for us, how about rethinking health and well-being at any size? Kate Harding over at Shapely Prose wants YOU to submit to the new and improved BMI project! I have friends who have had the lap band, who have had surgeries, who have dieted, who are fat and skinny and in between, and you know, what I am about is acceptance at any of those places. In being healthy, which I don't necessarily think is always linked to an arbitrary set of numbers. I have friends for whom, getting surgery literally saved their lives and man I am so grateful for it and for their continued existence on this planet. I have friends who are, by the numbers, obese, and yet are healthier than some skinny people I know.

I just think, it's time to rethink health and how we look at, talk about and treat our bodies. My vote is for "with love, at any size." to start. Where you go from there, from that point of love, that is really a deeply personal journey and yours to choose and make. Nobody has the right to judge it for you.

Heady stuff for a Wednesday.

And also because I am a crazy cat lady, there's this.


Roxie said...

Oh, love,love the video! thank you.

God is big. Possibly, all perceptions could be right. Joy to your journey!

Lucia said...

Long live crazy cat ladies!

Ina said...

Love the video!

Mark Morford's got it partly right, but he sounds too individualistic and either/or to be fully persuasive. I think there's room for community and both/and.

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

I think you're right - there is definitely room for and a NEED for community.