Saturday, March 15, 2008




Because March seems to be a Sock Club month. RSC is shipping this week, Seven Deadly Spins arrived yesterday, Spinning Bunny is shipping this week, and today's mail brought TEMPTED YARN!!!

So I was rearranging some fiber bins, like ya do, and my oldest walks in to the room. Stops, looks at the fiber and says, "Well... I'm not going to say that you've acheived SABLE, but I'd say that's at least half the stash you'll need to exceed your life expectancy." and then walked out.


She knows the lingo.

I'm so proud.

Starting to think about which clubs I want to save for next year and budgeting accordingly. Any sock clubs you just can't live without?

Also? Tempted. Whose club I will jealously maintain my spot in, until she chooses not to have a club any longer!

Tempted-Love Bites macro

It's really hard to get reds and blacks to photograph true, with or without a flash. This picture does NOT do the yarn justice. Ms. Tempted's yarns are beyond compare!


Anonymous said...

Dharmafey is starting a new yarn club, Nefarious Yarns, to be named after villains...the first shipment is supposed to go out next month. I signed up. I'm very curious to see my nasty yarn. :-)

Lucia said...

Because my preferred color range is somewhat limited (rut? moi? surely you jest), I've never joined a sock club. With my luck the dyer would be in "everything looks better with mustard yellow" mode for 8 months out of the year.