Friday, March 07, 2008


Falling feet

Falling in Love socks
Magknits February 2007
Tempted Yarn's "Pin Up Girl" Dec. 2007 sock club selection

Falling side

I used a figure 8 cast on for the toe, and added two extra stitches between the purl stitch/cable sections traveling up the side of the leg - added after turning the heel. This gave me a little more room, which was necessary. If I knit it on larger needles with heavyweight yarn, I'd take the stitches out probably, but as written it stood to be a little tight in the yarn/needles I chose.

Falling toe

This was an absolutely delightful knit. The yarn is squishy and a wonderful true red and the pattern repeat was easy to memorize and fast.


sopranospinner said...

Very pretty socks!

Ina said...

Pretty socks! I'd forgotten this pattern, must have a second look.