Wednesday, March 19, 2008

the daily fiber

except not exactly "daily" because this has been languishing on the Kromski for about a month.

Yep, it's February's fiber, Plums and Berries from Smoky Mountain Fibers. I'm about half done with this luscious little bump that is thus far spinning up in shades reminiscent of the juicy middle part of a nectarine or maybe a peach.

plums and berries

Gotta finish spinning up the other half of the bump and then I will ply that too. It wants bathed in woolwash and perhaps some conditioner, perhaps a little bit of abuse and then a nice long hang on the washline. There is still a lot of energy in that there yarn - it'll relax a bit after I wash and beat it. Bloom and soften. Then it might want to be a pair of socks. The three plies will give it a little more structure than my usual two ply handspun attempts, which thus far seem to be better suited to soft lacy things.

I spun the singles on my Kromski and then navajo plied them off the bobbin using my Schacht Hi Lo spindle. I can two ply on the wheel just fine, but haven't developed the knack of making three ply yet. I honestly still prefer my spindle for plying as a rule and feel I get better, more consistent results when using it.


Roxie said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous yarn! SO glad you are navajho plying. Mixing those colors would muddy the whole thing.

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

I totally agree. The colors are just so darn incredible.