Tuesday, March 04, 2008

ABC's and 123's

Well, D and E actually, and 2 in one post.

D is for Dia De los Muertos and all the little skully odds and ends that I collect for it that live all over my house during the rest of the year when it isn't November 1st.

play dead

This being only a fraction of the delightful collection of skullyliciousness that graces Casa De Yarnpirate, of course!

And then there's E which is for Evil.

honey looking

Wait, no, I actually meant those shiny glass objects which avert the Evil Eye. Of which there is also an extensive collection, Chez Rotten Kittens Local #27.

kitchen eyes

I am currently voiceless and continue to incubate the Crap Virus From Hell, but fortunately have the next 3 days off work and do not plan to do anything but rest, drink soup, watch as many episodes of How Clean Is Your House as I can, (omg Kim and Aggie = best guilty pleasure evar) and squirt the cats with the Bottle Of God, since I can't actually yell at them to stop being naughty.

Oh, and knit. I'm gonna do that too.


Lucia said...

I think cats are impervious to anti-Evil-Eye charms, but one can always try.

Hey, did you know you make my day?

sopranospinner said...

Sorry you've got the crud. It seems to hit everyone eventually. We had it in January (I was in bed for a week!). Feel better!


Ina said...

Oog, feel better! Howabout a pic of the Bottle of God? Or will that break the Internet??

Regina said...

OMG, The people on that show are amazing.....ewwww! They have it on at breakfast here and it makes you throw up a little bit. It's amazing what you can clean with vinegar, borax, coke and salt!

Get Better.