Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Camera Emergency

Why this method of cat dancer storage:

cat dancer

is no longer a good idea.

I can has cat dancer? Oh hai, I can has cat dancer!

Bad kitty. NO cat dancer.

Oh noes! They be takin my cat dancer!

Seriously. Mittens stood there on the ground looking at it and meowing, and Honey went and got it for him.

uh oh This are serious cat toy. I are serious cat.

It has been a big day for the squirt bottle of God.

After, of course, I got the pictures safely in the camera.


Cass said...

HE HE! It's a testiment to the fact that you're a BLOGGER that you grabbed the camera before you grabbed the cat! Snort.

Alwen said...

I can hardly WAIT to show my son your cat pictures after school.

Roxie said...

The squirt bottle of God? Oh yes!

And don't you just love that one kitty will help the other? Sweet babies.

KnitNana said...

Kittens. (so glad they're not quite CATS - you would have no curtain rod right now)