Saturday, February 02, 2008

Well the first month of 101 things in 1001 Days has passed and I only crossed off one thing on the list. I am on track for some of the ongoing goals and way off track/failing at others. It's definitely obvious to me where I need to put my energy, anyway, and that it's very easy to let myself get sucked into stuff like Ravelry or the internet and put off doing things I've made commitments to myself about doing.

The new month starts today. Actually, it started yesterday, but for my purposes, today is the day.

I am going to have to finish January's socks before I can start February's and because of the short month, those are SO getting knit in a heavyweight sock yarn!!! The SOCKDOWN! challenge for February on Ravelry is to knit using a heel technique you haven't used before OR a pattern from Eunny Jang.

I'm going for the heel. I don't think I can knit a pair of Eunny's socks in one short month. Those people are NUTS. I think I may try a Sherman Heel, which is a top down technique and since I rarely knit from the top down, it'll be good for me to learn. Combine that with a medium or heavy weight yarn knit on larger needles, and I think I can knock them out by the end of February.

January's skein was a success and February's fiber (super wash merino from Pigeonroof Studios) is prepped and ready to start spinning, I'm hoping to spin some today. I'm planning a 3 ply sock yarn, plied off 3 bobbins using my lazy kate, as opposed to a navajo ply. I am amending that goal to include a different fiber preparation (batts vs. rovings, etc), fiber type (merino, coopworth, alpaca, silk, etc) or plying technique for each month's skein.


Ina said...

The Sherman heel can be knitting toe up, too. ;)

Jerry said...

Can't wait to see your spun fiber. Would like to see how your 3 ply turns out.