Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Spinning is a little like alchemy.

Smoky Mountain detail Smoky Mountain
Smoky Mountain singles Smoky Mountain singles close up

Fluff plus twist equals string. Can't wait for string plus twist to equal two ply. That's my favorite part.


February's socks (even though technically I didn't finish January's pair yet.)

twinkle toes foot

twinkle toes stripes

I gotta confess, I'm not nuts about this particular yarn with this particular pattern. The striping thing does not work with the lacy thing. I'm beginning to really feel like about 75% of the time I am not so nutty about the striping STR colorways. I like the solids a little better. Of course, I've got more of the striping colorways in my stash, natch! But it's a fast knit and this is the only skein of heavyweight STR that I've got in my stash. And that's why I'm doing them, so I can finish both February's and January's pairs by the end of the month and be caught up. Heh. They're house socks. House socks are good. Of course it's February which means we're edging up into the 70's and 80's in Southern CA so I won't be needing house socks again until November, but....

call me a Girl Scout.


Jerry said...

Your Roving looks stunning. Do you mind if I ask where you purchased it from and the fiber content? I hope you have another spin out soon, I would love to come. Hope you're nice to newbie spinners :)

"Spinning is a little like alchemy."

I was trying to explain that to Debbie and it was hard to convey the feeling of holding fleece in your fingers and watching it twist and become yarn before your eyes.

Cass said...

You're a Girl Scout.

Loved the Girl's Day Out pics!!!