Saturday, February 16, 2008

In which I am a big damn geek.

I've finished February's socks! Twinkle Toes by Cookie A in STR heavyweight... the yarn that wears like cast iron. These are the BEST house socks. I want to make a couple pairs of these in different colors, they're perfect for warm feet on a cool evening.

Now? I just gotta finish January's. Ahem. I'm about 40% into the second sock of that pair. I'm such a slow knitter. But I think I'll get them done by the end of February and still be caught up. It occurs to me that maybe I want to knit more medium and heavyweight socks if I'm angling for a pair a month. "Knit like the wind!" is not an axiom that applies to me.

Today at Chez Couch Potato, in the name of getting knitting done, we've watched 3 eps of Dr. Who, caught 2 eps of Torchwood, watched Hitch and then watched all 3 Sarah Plain and Tall movies on the Hallmark channel. This truly was a day of doing fuck all.

Blink is quite possibly one of the scariest, most nail biting eps of Dr. Who I have *ever* seen. Sweet creepin zombie jesus. At once point I jumped, screamed and almost impaled the cat with a knitting needle. I am going to be SO very sad when David Tennant's turn is up and we get a regenerated Doctor. I really like what he's done with the role. I loved, absolutely ADORED Christopher Eccleston in the first season, but Tennant? He has totally become my Doctor.

Picture of socky goodness tomorrow when I a. have decent light for my camera and b. find my memory card. Also "C" is for...


Regina said...

Blink totally scared the **** out of me! If I had any freaky little garden angels I think I would have sledgehammered them. David Tennant will be sorely missed. He has been amazing.

Enjoy your days of pure knitterly joy on the sofa. They are the best!

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

I keep telling myself "You only have to worry if they're weeping...."

if time exists said...

I <3 David Tennant! I haven't seen Blink yet, but I will be wary when that one shows up on our DVR.

And yay for socks!

Mouse said...

I haven't seen Blink yet either.. but I'm a total Torchwood addict and old school Doctor Who geek (my dad was a dr. who freak.. so my first Doctor was the 4th). I didn't care for Christopher Eccleston but I really do love David Tennant. He's the sort of wacky Doctor that I can totally get into.