Saturday, February 09, 2008

Got chunky weight yarn?

Mix it up a little and make some yarny dreads if you're sick of knitting!! These are made up with a combination of Cascade Magnum, some Noro Lotus and some handdyed thick and thin dready looking yarn that I got from Ashbet over at PsySheep (sadly not making dreads these days, alas) and it is lovely and UV reactive.

Naturally, the grrrl looks better in my blue dreads than I do. Hmph.

Dready Gal

I've actually had these for a while, but she looked so good in them, I had to show 'em off again. I'm working on a pair in acid green/yellow. Woo!


Mouse said...

Very cool! I need to use my handspun bits that I have left to make some yarn falls to wear at Ren faire next year.

Phoe said...

I used to make Colinette and wool dread falls ( and had several orders make their way to Whitby. And then I discovered knitting and I couldn't bear to cut into perfectly good wool again. :)

Those are way cute.