Thursday, February 14, 2008

Chain me to the sofa...

Oh well never mind, I'll just hang out there of my own free will!

Took today off work and spent it sleeping, knitting, drinking tea and watching action movies because I have been nursing Teh Ick and wanted to nip it in the bud. It was a fantastic idea. I feel almost human again. And? I finished the first Twinkle Toes and cast on the second. This is a miraculously quick knit. Word.

So unfortunately, #1 Daughter didn't get to go on her once in a lifetime trip with The Sojourn Project because she actually caught Teh Ick and is home flat on her arse with a bad case of strep throat. We're trying to get her in on the next trip in March if they'll let her piggyback on with another school. Fingers crossed.

Stay tuned tomorrow (or Saturday) for "C" is for....

Oh, and if you're anywhere near the Austin, TX area? They just announced the 2008 Browncoat Ball. Better get yer tickets fast though, because they've only got 250 of 'em!

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Mouse said...

I have teh Ick as well.. mine is a variation on strep throat and is LOVELY. I'm having a great time!! I also got my period along with it so my husband has spent the week keeping me away from pointed
I guess I should go ahead and put up my ABC-Along photos today so that we can look like we share a brain again.. right? I don't think our C word is the same.. but its probably similar.