Monday, January 21, 2008

Studio day today.

Completed an ATC, did a little art journaling, played with some ideas and different media, rewrote my grandfather's eulogy, then finished spinning up the wool from Sachi and got a lovely squooshy two ply DK weight yarn out of the dealio. So there is January's skein.

A few goals met - if not crossing anything off the master list, it was at least all going towards satisfying a few of the ongoing tasks.

Pictures tomorrow when I have natural light to take them in.

Grandma Thelma died on Sunday, I just found out tonight. She was not really my grandma, but she was my dad's sister's mother in law and I spent a great deal of time around her when I was younger. I didn't see her at all in later years, so do not grieve for myself, but I feel badly for my cousins and aunt and uncle. They were a close knit family and saw her often. We all lost our in common grandmother just about this time last year and it brought our little family back together a bit. Now I have lost my grandfather and they have lost their grandmother and we are all suddenly orphan grandchildren, all of us cousins, all in the space of one short weekend. It is an odd and sad synchronicity.

I will be lighting a candle for Thelma tonight.

Life, it goes on, and we are all fleeting things, really. I guess that makes the connections we make all the more precious.

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Ina said...

I'm sorry to hear about your grandma Thelma. (((hugs)))