Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Go ahead, punk. Make my day!

So what are the top ten blogs you read every day? Your "Make My Day" bloggers? I have so many on my blogroll, some are good friends and others are people I haven't yet met but enjoy a great deal. I pretty much squee and jump to read all of the blogs on my blogroll, but these are ten that really do make my day when a post comes up.

L.A. Is My Beat! Ellen Bloom's blog about fiber and her adventures around town.

The Yarn Harlot Well, duh.

Crazy Aunt Purl Who doesn't love a little CAP?

Enchanting Juno

Back Yard art, inspiration, and yarny goodness. It's a daily treat, especially since she's blogging more these days about her 101/1001 journey. I am particularly enjoying the ATCs and general creative goodness.

Franklin Dolores, talking sock yarn and all around very funny, nifty guy.

Eating L.A. LA-centric eats.

The Smitten Kitchen OMG swoonworthy recipes, pictures and tutorials. Food Porn extreme.

The Rotund Fat positive commentary, acceptance and health at any size. This girl got mad props in the NYT article about blogging in the fatosphere yesterday, and I am SO proud of her. She works hard.

#10 is... well you know who you are, sweetie. :-)


Megalion said...

I love seeing Monster Crochet post :D

Been checking out Modern Gypsy for the past 20 minutes!

Ellen Bloom said...

Hey Rainy!
Thanks for listing my blog! I'm honored.

My top ten:
Can I lump ALL of my WeHo SnB blogs into #1?

#2 L.A. Observed
#3 Curbed L.A.
#4 Eating L.A.
#5 Citizen of the Month
#6 Crazy Aunt Purl
#7 MK Carroll in Hawaii
#8 Franklin Avenue
#9 All of my Eastside Knitters' blogs (Knitdevil, Dim Sum, Mehitabel, Sknitty)
#9 L.A. Conservancy's Modern Committee

OK, so that's about 20 of my fave blogs!