Thursday, January 03, 2008

Just when I decide to narrow down my focus in the next year, when I decide I want to really work on improving my spinning and knitting actual wearable garments to the exclusion of other things...

...I discover Artist Trading Cards.

Fuck. Because that looks fun and what I need is another time suck, right? Yeah, I do. It looks fun. I want to play too!

Mittens has improved a lot today. He still obviously does not feel well, but he is absolutely improving. I cannot believe how much my entire world has narrowed down to making this little kitten healthy again. I love him SO much and I just can't bear the thought of him not getting well. It's amazing how they put such hooks in your heart in such a little amount of time. I have absolutely done no knitting lately on anything other than some cursory stitches taken on Lady E, and that is the world's most boring project to update because it is just more little squares.

Slowly, my normal customers are coming out of hiding and back into the store. Thank GAWD. I actually think that people were worse during our post-Christmas sale. There is something about a 50% off sign that just brings out the very worst, most entitled, rude behavior in people. I may have mentioned this before.

I'm also not sure why people think it is acceptable to unscrew the lids on products that they are not intending to buy, so they can "just smell them." In my book, you open it? You bought it. Until you buy it, it is MY product and you do not get to open the bottle. I had a woman open a bottle yesterday, slop half of it on the floor, laugh apologetically and set it back on the shelf and walk away, leaving the mess for me to clean up. And didn't buy the product. We have a sample counter for a reason. We ask people to let us help them with samples, for a reason.

I'm afraid to say that I enjoyed watching one woman unscrew a jar of honey body balm and surreptitiously take a big whopping mouthful because she thought it was food and she thought she could get away with it because nobody was watching. I The moment that she realized that omg, she had a big mouthful of Not Food? That was priceless.

Yes I saw her unscrew the bottle and yes I knew she was going to taste and no, I did not say anything. I just watched, quietly, from across the room. And smiled to myself, a small, evil, satisfied little smile. This is because I am a bad person. Or possibly, just really over helping someone past the consequences of their stupidity and lack of ethics. Sometimes, when you steal, you don't end up in handcuffs. You just get a big mouthful of bad karma.

So the holidays are over and hopefully I will stop being such a misanthrope about the general public. I am all for a much more positive spin on my relationship with the public, in the next few months.


geogrrl said...

I'm so glad to hear Mittens is better, and I'm sure he'll continue to improve. I agree that you don't realize just what kind of hold they have on you until something happens.

The story with the body balm made me gigglesnort. Serves the bitch right. I didn't work at a job like yours, but I used to waitress, and I tell ya--working with the general public eventually makes you hate the general public, even thought +95% are decent human beings. Your story explains a lot, too. I've had to return cosmetics because when I got them home and opened them, I found obvious evidence of "fingers".

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

Yes, people dip into things and open bottles and don't seem to care that they are "not samples" all the time. :-(

I am really unhappy wiht how *negative* I have been feeling about my job and the public in general lately. Really hoping that the cessation of holiday madness lets me get my cheer back on!

Cambria said...

This story only makes me love you all the more! :)

geogrrl said...

I think that with the holiday over, you will. You've just had a lot of crap thrown at you lately, and that tends to make a person focus on the negative.

if time exists said...

I am so glad that the kitty is doing better. Since I can't have a kitty (allergic boyfriend) I have to live through you! And no one likes kitties to be sick :(

I also have to say, I would done the exact same thing to someone taking a swig of body balm. But I'm glad the worst of it is over and hopefully you can enjoy your job again.