Monday, January 28, 2008

I am safely in the Central Valley, for my Grandpa's funeral. This is my one chance to be online and the connection is glacial. I have a lot of email to return when I get home. If you have not heard from me, don't be offended. Cows move faster than the DSL out here.

One note. WHen at a family funeral, and an aging aunt tells you that the deceased is "just sleeping." just SMILE AND NOD.

Do not tell her that no, he's really dead. In a box.

Do not elaborate and tell her that if he wakes up and tries to get OUT of the box, that you are going to "aim for the head."

This will make your aging relative uncomfortable. This is bad manners. Save the zombie jokes for the wake. When everyone is drunk.

The funeral was lovely. Zombie jokes aside.


wondermachine said...

Wow. Lovely that you kept your sense of humor at such a hard time. It speaks to your own brand of strength.
And the advice is good.

DataGoddess said...

I'm glad the funeral was lovely, after the goatfuck the planning was.

And, yeah, I deleted my LJ. I'll email you with what happened, it was it's own brand of goatfuck.


Mouse said...

*snort* Yes.. best to keep these things to oneself. Glad you made it there safely.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you got there ok. And as odd as this is going to sound, I love that you made zombie jokes. It shows a fortitude that is rare and wonderful. And funny. :)

knitnzu said...

snort! I was with my grandmother when she was dying, along with my mom, aunt, and uncle. I was in the other room w/ my son when aunt came in crying, and I leapt up... No she said, what happened is that grandmother was breathing those awful last breaths, and had a huge, huge pause. Mom reached up to close her mouth, and uncle is saying 'Cindy, you can't do that' and mom is saying 'why not' when grandmother takes a huge rattly gaspy breath, and uncle says 'because she's not dead yet'. Which made them all laugh and cry. When we got back to the room, aunt says 'Mama, go to daddy, go to jesus', kissed her on the forehead, and she died,