Tuesday, January 22, 2008

How pleased am I??

I am so pleased with the results of my studio day! While I am sure that it will relax a bit after I set the twist, it's still really plied about as tightly as I wanted and I think the skein is fairly balanced. It is exactly what I was going for. I'm so pleased.

I spun two bobbins - being careful to preserve the colors and paying attention to the transitions and then plied the bobbins together so they lined up - things not being exact, of course, I have some of one bobbin left over. Suppose I'll andean ply that together later and have a mini skein to add to the project. Lovely transitions that will heather up between the stretches of color. It's going to be a lovely scarf. I think it's going to bloom really nicely and be nice and squooshy soft when it dries.

Sachi super macro Sachi's Purls - meta view

Sachi macro 2 Sachi macro 3

Have not decided which fiber I want to spin up for February's skein. Am going to rummage through bins later today and ponder the question. Will probably take the last of that Strawberry Fields that I've had languishing on the Bossie forever, and finish it while I'm at Mom's over the weekend. I'm sure there'll be a good bit of downtime from funeral business where I'll want something in my hands.


Mouse said...

So pretty!

Ina said...

Awesome spinning skillz! I tried to keep the color sequence on my STR Wensleydale intact for plying and ended up with lots of barberpoling. I bow to you!!

Tempted Handpainted Yarns said...

Incredible, I am always impressed with those that really plan their skeins. I am always in too much of a hurry to get started to really plan it. Patience, not one of my stregths.

Shannon said...

Just beautiful colours. Great spinning!

loopykd said...

Love the colors and so beautifully and evenly spun. Nice work!

Lucia said...

So pretty! And I'm sorry about your Grandpa, and sorry I got behind on my blog-reading at the wrong moment. Spinning is great meditative therapy.