Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Mittens got to come home tonight. It took them about 3 hours to do his discharge, after I got there, because the vet was busy with a trauma. We didn't get home till quite late, but I didn't want to leave without him, so I read a book and we cuddled in a room until it was time for him to get to go.

Mittens home

We are all very relieved.

He immediately ran to his fluffy green pillow and did the biscuits, sucking, kneading thing and went straight to sleep with his face buried in his pillow.

Mittens home

He's on special medication for 15 days, tummy coating stuff, and appetite stimulants for a few days. We've got some special food that is very bland and they say that if he does well on this, we can begin to slowly transition him back to his normal food in 3 or 4 days. I am really hoping that we're over the worst of it. At least he is eating again and *knock wood* he hasn't had an episode of vomiting since he got home tonight.

I'm so happy to have my little man back where he belongs.

If you ever have an animal in the LA area that is in need of a critical care ward (kitty ICU) or trauma center, or, for that matter, a cancer or eye specialist, I highly recommend City Of Angels Regional Vet Center in Culver City, off Jefferson at Duquesne. They're really good at taking care of sick kitties. Or dogs.

Oh and sucking is ok, as long as it's not fun fur or something stringy or super long-haloey. His pillow and his monkey are fine. Which is a good thing, because that was the first thing he went for.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad Mittens is home. Very cute little guy.

geogrrl said...

Oh, I'm SO glad to hear that Mittens is home. I'm relieved, and I think he'll continue to get better.

My tuxedo cat, Magnus, also does the sucking and kneading thing--I think he was taken from his mother far too early. But mostly he does it when he's sitting in my lap. Which means I have spots of cat drool on my clothes.

Mouse said...

I'm very glad that Mittens is home!!

loopykd said...

Hooray for Mittens! Keep us posted.

Roxie said...

Yayyy Mittens! Suck and drool lal you want, baby. That furry pillow is GOOD for you!!

I Honey happy to have him back, or does he still smell funny?

Lucia said...

Yeesh. Glad he's OK. Something he ate?