Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Got the camera back! And here, in glorious 2 ply color, is my finished yarn from Funky Carolina's "Unearthed" roving. Her colorways are so very pretty. It's definitely more underplied than I wanted, which is what I figured would happen after setting the twist. I think the main problem is that I've been going too fast. I need to slow it way down when I'm plying. Naturally, this means I need more singles in order to properly test my theory.

Enough With The Girly - singlesEnough With The Girly singles

This is going to be some gothtastic sock yarn when it's all said and done, y'all. "Enough With The Girly" dyed by Sachi. Eggplant, plum, charcoal and deep deep green, subtly shading one into the other. Gorgeous.

More than anything these days, just having a little extra time to sit down at my wheel and spin for a little while makes me feel happy.


loopykd said...

Me too on the wheel thing! It is taking me FOREVER to get through 10 ounces of some merino and silk but I like to sit and spin. We should set up a spin in. Somewhere in LA? Orange County? What do you think?

Jerry said...

It looks beautiful. The slight hint of green sets off all the other colors. Love love love the "Enough with the Girly"

Cass said...

Gorgeous colors!
And I'm so glad to hear Mittens is on the mend.

Jess said...


Roxie said...

Love your "Unearthed" yarn. Love the softness and love the colors. Bet it will knit up just yummy!

Hooray Mittens. You go babycat!