Thursday, January 24, 2008

ABC along

The ABC along is helping to save my sanity. Allow me to explai... er, no. It would take too long. Let me sum up. Everything that could go wrong with my grandfather's funeral, thus far, has gone wrong, culminating in my not being able to traverse the Grapevine because of snow, therefore not being able to get to the funeral.

To this end, I am flying out freakishly early in the morning, renting a car and driving like a bat out of hell to where the funeral is being held. And I declare the obstacles to be DONE because I need to get there now, with no further hijinks, no more hilarity and absolutely no more arse marmotry.

I give you B.

B is for...

Buddha and also Bottles

B/Buddha/Bunny B/BuddhaB/BodhisattvaB is for Bottles

Guanyin is actually a Bodhisattva and not the Buddha. But please note that one of the Buddhas is holding a bunny and "bunny" starts with "b." And bottles are cool. The more vintage, colorful or interesting, the better.

and BAD. as in, "BAD KITTY. Not on the counter."



loopykd said...

Oh I am sorry you are having trouble. It's times like these you need the least amount of trouble. Good look and travel safe. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Mouse said...

ABC-Along Wonder-Twin powers ACTIVATE!! I think I need a fat & happy Buddha for my collection.. (also.. you're quoting "Princess Bride" which is one of my top 5 favorite movies of all time..)

I hope you get to the funeral quickly and safely.

Ina said...

Focus, take good care, and travel safe!

geogrrl said...

Get OFF the counter/OUT of the cupboard! Gets heard a lot at our house. Guess how well the cats listen. Just guess.

Wondermachine said...

And did you know that Kuan Yin (optional spelling) is considered pretty transgendered as far as figures go? I remember reading it many years ago that archeologists have come across KYs that are male and then over time KY slowly became female. Just trippy and amazing. Always have loved KY, even before I knew about the possible genderbending.

And the kitty is a sweet!