Saturday, January 12, 2008

ABC Along

I missed this last year! The ABC ALONG all fresh for 2008.

A is for art suppliesA is for art
A is for artifactA is for art

A is for...
Art supplies...
watercolor pencils, ink, brushes, and pencils specifically. Impossible to capture the boxes and boxes of art crap I've got stashed around the apartment but I do seem to accumulate lots of tools and stuff related to making everything from fabric to clay to fiber arts and a bunch of stuff in between.

Artisan handcrafts... handspun yarn, a glazed pitcher made with my own hands, and art made by other people - muertos from Oaxaca, a stained glass child's toy from the Renaissance Faire.

Artifacts... from childhood - a miniature spinning wheel that belonged to my grandmother, sent to me by my cousin when he learned that I love to spin.

Art Trading Cards... my new time suck. This was just a doodle, having fun and getting to play with new pencils. Prefect's Bathroom. Remember Moaning Myrtle?

I'm trying to do something creative every day in 2008, whether it's spinning, knitting, painting, sketching, beading or some other craft. Last year was all about letting the ground lay fallow. This year I'd like to get into making art again. Not for sale necessarily, but for myself.

It seems to be a theme I keep seeing repeated. Lots of folks out there trying to reconnect to their creative spark and give it the worth and weight it deserves.


sopranospinner said...

I feel the same way, but have one more week of things to get finished before I can really focus. I'm singing a solo recital on Wednesday morning and then my daughter's birthday party on Saturday and I can attack the dyeing with a clear conscience! Of course, the longer it takes to start, the more often I change what I want to end up with, but it will change again during the process so who cares!

When are the spinners getting together again?

Mouse said...

Great post! The original ABC Along was all the way back in 2006- do you believe its been that long? I had to go back through my blog posts to find out. Here's to a creative new year!

Cambria said...

What's a girl gotta do to get one of those glazed pitchers? I love it to death! My baby broke my milk pitcher :(

Roxie said...

ABC away! What fun!

Lucia said...

Lovely pix! Yeah, I'm trying for more artistry this year too.