Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Well I don't know about y'all, but we're having a very merry Christmas, here at La Chateau de Too Many Cats, A Dog, Frightening Amounts of Sock Yarn and A Couple Of Teenagers. Y'know, if I ever get a sign printed up, I might have to come up with something that scans.

Look what I found in my stocking! I am so getting it matted and framed. Better than an 8x10 glossy portrait, any day. Apparently it was supposed to be just a Christmas card but she liked it so much she made it into a full size watercolor/ink thing. My Riot Grrls! Or whatever they're calling themselves these days.
riot girls

We kept all manner of holiday traditions alive this year. For example, there was the ceremonial Wearing Of The Antlers...
Do. Not. Want.

The traditional eating of the sticky buns....
sticky buns

Or not.
I can has sticky buns?

I balanced out the sticky buns with something a little more substantial because god forbid I have a blood sugar crash or mood swings later in the day.
Breakfast of Champions

The cats contemplated payback for their Christmas ribbons. Actually, Honey contemplated payback, Mittens just hid under the tree and sulked.
contemplating mayhem

In the end, reviewers gave us two thumbs way up.
silly kid

There will be spinning, knitting, drinking of tea, making of lamb and spanakopita and the best part? I don't have food poisoning this year! I am able to enjoy Christmas!! I did wake up with a rather annoying cold which I'm convinced I caught from my mother (thanks, Mom!) who arrived in LA bearing viral goodness to share. But all in all, it beats last year.

Happy day, y'all! May it be merry, from all of us here to all of y'all there.


Cass said...

Merry Merry!!!

Roxie said...

That is a cat planning revenge. Looks like a great Christmas!

LizKnits said...

Glad to hear you're having a good break... enjoy your time off!

KnitNana said...

If looks could kill? Well...you'd be well-clawed, no question.
Happy, Merry!