Sunday, December 30, 2007

a picture is worth a thousand words

Not much knitting content today... it's been a hell of a week. Mittens has been in and out of the vet hospital since the day after Christmas and is now residing at the regional critical care veterinary center for at least another 72 hours. Good thoughts would be appreciated if you care to send them to a little tuxedo kitty who is not feeling well. We miss him and we are very worried.

We are ending the holiday retail season with something resembling a whimper, at least, it's me whimpering. Between coming down with bronchitis and working extra hours, I am definitely whimpering. Boy, do I have horror stories. I haven't decided if I want to share them yet. We do try to keep it positive, darlings.

So on that note? Here is the positive. These are just a few of the things I'm super grateful about. My blessings, in part.

my mighty girls
Monkey loveWINNING from another angle
Kromski test runspoons
Devil Dog
FC-November Daze

My chosen family, my friends in my community and flung far into other communities (who aren't necessarily pictured because I don't have permission, etc, but who are there in spirit with all the other faces), my online friends, fellow knitters, fellow Ravelers and SnBers, my job, all the good stuff that comes my way very day. Grateful for it doesn't begin to describe it.

And? All of y'all.

Have the happiest new year imaginable.


Anonymous said...

Poor Mittens! Sending good kitty healing vibes his way.

teabird said...

Healing, happy, cuddly thoughts for Mittens - and healthy, happy thoughts for you, too!
(plus tea, as you know)

Ina said...

Happy New Year! Sending health vibes for you and Mittens.

geogrrl said...

Oh, dear, what's wrong with Mittens? I really, really am sending good thoughts for his recovery.

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

Geo - Mittens has some kind of severe intestinal irritation - most likely from chewing on the christmas tree and having a reaction to some toxic compound in the sap (my vet says it can be bad for cats, specifically). He can't keep food or liquids down so is being supported on IVs while his system gets a chance to heal. Then we have to re-introduce food to his system starting with liquids, then gruel, etc., and he has to stay on anti-emetics and other IV drugs or else he'll just start throwing it all up again.

There's an *outside* chance that it could actually be a partial obstruction like a piece of string, but ultrasound and xray are not showing string so we are treating it as if it's just an irritation for now. He's too little to just go in and open him up to see.