Saturday, December 08, 2007

It does feel nice to finish something! In the last few days, I've made several of those one row handspun scarves.

one row handspun scarf, leaf peep one row handspun scarf, rosy rocks

The first scarf is handspun yarn that I made from the Spunky Eclectic roving in "Leaf Peep" and the second is spun from Funky Carolina's "Rosy Rocks" - the Leaf Peep is bulky weight, I'd say the Rosy Rocks is a little thinner gauge, maybe a heavy worsted but with some slubs and a little of the thick and thin going on here and there. Both of them knit up great. That's SUCH a fun pattern. I think I'm going to use it for some socks. It's a fun rib. These scarves are both earmarked for Christmas gifts. Just enough to wrap and knot, then tuck the ends into a winter coat. Very pretty and very warm.

one row handspun scarf, leaf peep one row handspun scarf, rosy rocks

Today has been much with the teenage girl induced drama. Some days, as I've said elsewhere, the best you can do is just try to surf the waves of chaos and try not to fall in.

So now the only two WIPs I am feeling particularly urgent about are Lady E and That Damn Painter's Scarf. And due to what is probably a permanent falling out between me and That Damn Painter, there is no way in hell I am sending off almost a hundred bucks worth of silk and mohair blend handpaint that involved HOURS of knitting time, to someone who can't appreciate a good thing when they're lucky enough to have found it. I can't bear to keep it, I can't bear to wear it, I don't want to frog it... and I have to get it the hell out of here. The problem I'm having is, I already gave it to that person, and maybe it's tacky to not actually send it to them, but... I just can't. I've given enough already. Not One More Ounce Of Anything.

This, kiddies, is what is known as being Tossed Out The Airlock Into The Cold, Airless Vacuum Of Space. It doesn't happen very often, but I'm finding my boundaries are a lot easier to assert lately, and I'm a lot more ready to just call bullshit when I see it and have done already. My hand is poised on the airlock button a lot more often these days. I just don't have the time or patience to play stupid games.

I think I'm gonna finish The Scarf Formerly Known As That Damn Painter's, bathe it and block it, and just tuck it away until I know what to do with it. Something will come to me.

SO that first, then on to finishing Lady E. Maybe I can get her done by the New Year and sent off to her recipient who should have something warm and cuddly while it's still cold enough to enjoy it.

Finishing is a good thing to do at the tag end of the old year, cleaning up and making room for the new. That applies to life as much as knitting.


Ina said...

Lovely scarves - and nice greenery (it's been snowing here).

Surf those waves and assert those boundaries!

geogrrl said...

Yup, that's what I do with projects like that. Finish it, put it away and let it "age" for a bit. Eventually you'll find a better and more appreciative recipient.

Sounds like the date went well. I don't care what your daughters say--if it was a first date, and he wasn't weirded out by going with you to a yarn store, I think you've got a keeper.