Tuesday, December 04, 2007

It does feel good to finish something. Fueled by my recent Clapotis success, I've picked Lady E back up and started putting more squares onto her. I also cast on and am about 2/3 of the way through a scarf that I'm giving as a gift this holiday.

Handspun One Row Scarf

This is the first yarn I spun on my Kromski and so the scarf is a gift for my mom who bought me the wheel for my birthday last year. Got the idea to use the Yarn Harlot's One Row Handspun Scarf pattern from Cass, who was my downhill pal for the recent SP11, because she knit one up recently and it looked SO GOOD I knew it was the perfect pattern for Mom's scarf.

FC-November Daze

November's Funky Carolina roving of the month club "November Daze" - merino/bamboo top. Isn't it gorgeous? I can't wait to spin this one up and whatever I make with it is going to be MINE. I don't think I'll be gifting this yarn.

I really ought to get my arse in gear. I have so many plans for today. Alas, none of them involve actual yarn. All of them include things that will make my grotty apartment, er, less grotty!

Oh, and internet dating? I'm going on an actual internet date. Well, not a date on the internet, but, I'm meeting someone for lunch. Yes, in a well lit public place! I am cautiously optimistic! The emailing has been very nice.

I'm going on my first actual "date" with someone (virtually unknown to me, not a part of my tight knit group of friends/community or from the ren faire) for the first time in... oh bugger... *counts* well... at least 14 years.

Cue the panic. I wonder if I should wax my eyebrows.


Cambria said...

absolutely! wax the eyebrows and make sure the nails are trim and clean if not polished. and just in case... file and polish the toes cause you never know where a lunch will lead. :) Better shave too.

geogrrl said...

I agree with the shaving and trimming the nails, but unless you have a unibrow, I wouldn't worry too much. You want him to get used to YOU, rather than the special occasions you.

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

Oh, see, now I never EVER shave my legs on the first date. I figure, that's my backup "don't be stupid" safety net. Because I don't want anyone to see me looking like a yeti, so it's a guarantee that lunch will lead to nothing more than maybe dinner. :-) This gives me time to go home and think about things.

I have no nails to trim, so that's happy.

Roxie said...

I vote for doing whatever makes you feel pretty and confident. Remember, he's the one applying for approval. Use this date to find out if you like him, not to try to make him like you. And have fun.

Jess said...

It may be too late, but I wouldn't wax the eyebrows. I don't know about eyebrows, but my upper lip stays puffy and red for a good 24 hours.

And good luck! Insert usual "meeting a stranger" precautions here, but my mom almost married a man she met online. (He lived 500 miles away, so they didn't find out until they were engaged that they can only get along for one week at a time.) They're still really good friends and co-edit a poetry journal together, though.

Miss Emily said...
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