Sunday, November 11, 2007

Yesterday's spin in at the WeHo Farmer's Market coincided with the WeHo SnB, so we had quite a jolly little group. Bunch of spinners couldn't make it, but 3 of us joined the rest of the knitters already in attendance and much fun was had.

I finished plying up the Sakina Needles "Dusty Cornflower" BFL this morning. I think it's maybe the best handspun I've ever done to date. Definitely verging on the laceweight 2 ply. WOW! How did that happen??? I don't know. But I love it! Alas, it is begging to be gifted to a specific someone, so I can't keep it. :-) but I think the recipient is going to love it.

Pictures tomorrow after I wash it and set the twist. Tomorrow is my day off between jury duty all week and working all weekend, and I intend to do fuck all with it. Except perhaps some laundry and some cleaning and... yeah. You know. All the stuff one does when one is doing nothing.

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sopranospinner said...

Sorry I couldn't make it yesterday. Our Girl Scout troop has one more day to sell off the rest of our nuts and we all had to pitch in with some extra boothing. Hope we made it!

It's amazing to me that I can't manage to get one four hour period free every two months. What's up with that? Doesn't help that I have a concert on Wednesday, though.

Glad it was fun!