Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Well now I'm ever so much more glad for having the foresight to sign up for yarn clubs and pay for them when I had a little extra cash. Because that's gonna come in handy.

The ex Mr YP just lost his job yesterday, poor guy, which is also potentially really crappy for me and the kids. I've got some emergency funds socked away that'll help me keep afloat in the short term, but I must say that I'm a titch worried about what we'll be looking like after the first of the year and the holidays if a job doesn't pan out right away. Ok, I'm a lot worried. But I know we'll figure something out. Good vibes for the ex Mr. YP to find a great new job in his field that will be challenging and exciting and positive for him (and also pay really well and include bennies) are very appreciated if you feel like sending such vibes our way.

I'm really ready for the plagues of ice cream parties, ponies, fluffy bunnies, ducklings, rainbow sparkles and alpaca to start. When do those start? I'm heartily sick of this whole plague of unemployment, divorce and locusts paradigm.

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all. May there be bunnies, rainbows and alpaca.


Mouse said...

I'd like an ice cream party with rainbow colored angora bunnies please... lol
Happy Thanksgiving.. good vibes sent your way!

teabird said...

Bunnies, rainbows, and alpaca back at you - and more.
Happy Thanksgiving -

geogrrl said...

That does suck, for both of you. I hope the suckage is very short-lived.

Here's to ice cream, rainbows, lollipops, and whatever else you desire.

I'm sending good thoughts your way. I know it's Pollyanna-ish, and I don't always feel this way, but I remind myself that every day has the potential to be a good day. You just never know what will turn up.

sopranospinner said...

Yeah, I'm a bit tired (LOL!) of paying IN to the karmic bank, too. It's been a whole lot of years of almost terrible culminated by even terribler in some ways. But we have a home, food, clothes, love, hobbies, brains, love, time together, great extended families, cars that work, love, enough. I sincerely hope that everything resolves well for you as quickly as possible. And Happy Thanksgiving!

KnitNana said...

I'm sending lots of good thoughts your way, and appreciate the same sent mine? I think we're all seeing times a little tougher than before (tho' I'm a far cry from where I was, raising the kiddo with only minimum wage and an ex who didn't want to pay support - so I'm grateful!)

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

That's it, rainbows and bunnies for all. Good thoughts are *always* going out to you guys through the good times and the bad. But I'll wish for extra sparkles and fewer troubles for all!

Lucia said...

Lots of positive vibes headed your way! May XMrYP be surfeited with job offers and you with cashmere.