Monday, November 19, 2007

That's a whole lotta Raven...
BMFA-the raven

Haida, Korrpi, RookY, and Corvid, to be precise. OMG. Am so very getting Haida and Korrpi in S2S kits when I can afford to buy fiber again.

tempted/spinning bunny

Sock Club! The first rule of sock club is, of course, don't talk about sock club. Unless sock club is fabulous and contains angora, cashmere or handpainted fabulosity, in which case one must whip out the camera and blog it immediately, right?

The orange skein to the left is Tempted Sock Club's November offering. Gorgeous! Not my usual palette, but I think I like it way more than I'd ordinarily like orangey colors. I think it's the speckles that make it texturally interesting to me. I can't wait to knit it up! She always does such insanely gorgeous colorways and if she can make me like orange, that's really saying something. The one to the right is Spinning Bunny's Angora Sock Club's November offering in "aurora borealis". SO. PRETTY.

I was smart - when I had some extra cash I signed up and paid for several sock or fiber clubs. So now I shall be getting periodic fixes of fabulous sock yarn and rovings wot are already paid for, which should help me stay on my yarn diet.

The holidays are in full swing at my place of employment, which means Santa's Magic Castle is back, as are the strolling Victorian carolers, the music, the lights, the shoppers, the crazy hours.... I am working every night this week except for Thanksgiving. Not a lot of time for knitting. Mostly I'm just putting in a row here or a row there on various projects already in progress. Trying not to stab anyone with a knitting needle on purpose or by mistake, while trying to get through the crush of people who are between me and food while on my lunch breaks.

Yesterday was a baby shower that a friend and I helped put on for one of our friends who is finally pregnant after over a year of trying, so not much knitting time either. Lots of good food, good presents, good friends and happy baby vibes, though.


Not sure what face the youngest is making there, but they are both so awesome, yes? I do love them so.

I decided to dive into, er, internet dating, after watching Must Love Dogs again. Because it's been 11 months since Mr. YP moved out and I wouldn't mind going to the movies or to coffee with someone nice. Not that I'm looking to move someone into Casa YP, but, a date would be nice. Dressing up and being appreciated would be nice. Right? Yeah. That's going well. Except, not really and kind of laughably really. I don't think a single mom with two teenagers, four cats, a dog, and a HUGE yarn stash is exactly the hottest thing on the singles internet market.

And I keep getting "matched" with computer geeks who like tiki culture and fire spinning. I just DIVORCED a computer geek who spins fire and loves tiki culture. Am I typecast much? I'm not saying anything about computer geeks, fire spinning and tiki, in fact, I'd go for that if the person were nice - but hey, how about an international financier with his own jet, a collection of vintage motorcycles, Simon Le Bon's phone number? Or for that matter, how about Simon Le Bon?

I dream. I digress. I think I am probably never going to do well at internet dating, except to provide hilarious blog fodder, should someone ever bite.


LizKnits said...

Hey good luck with the internet thing... been there, done that. Sometimes you do get to meet some good people (sometimes you get great blog fodder!).

geogrrl said...

I think dating is weird either way. I shake my head and laugh at some of Crazy Aunt Purl's misadventures in dating. As you say, at the very least it will give you a good story to tell.

I think the main thing is to do what you like to do, and do your best to circulate and widen your circle of acquaintances and friends. I know that's hard when you're dog-tired, but it's the best way to meet new people, and possibly someone "nice".

Lucia said...

Geez, I'd date you. If, er, you were my type. And if I lived in LA. And if I weren't already married. Oh well.

Maybe you should go out on one of these dates, though, if there's one who doesn't remind you too much of the ex-Mr., on the theory that you'd get a good story to tell, and who knows? he might actually be nice. (Don't gorgeous, single, middle-aged men come into your workplace and chat you up every day? Oh, wait, sorry, I have you confused with Meg Ryan. For whom apparently real life is not all beer and skittles either.)

Tempted Handpainted Yarns said...

LOL Thought I was the only one who had a Jr.High crush on LeBon...Not. I can actually tell you John Taylors b-day (6-20) how bad did I have it in the 8th grade. lol. Good luck with the dating thing can't wait to hear more.
Thank you so much for the kind words, and I agree with you wholeheartedly, not my typical stuff. I do like the speckles, but it took freakin' forever. Can't wait to get Dec. out already!
xoxo Stacy

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

I was going to marry Nick Rhodes, but then he married THAT BITCH and I found out about it via People Magazine of all things, because he couldn't just TELL me? And I was heartbroken (and also, thirteen) and moved my affections to Simon (who was more astrologically compatible anyway according to Tiger Beat.) And yeah. John. *sigh* SO. Sexxy.

KnitNana said...

Good luck with internet dating (which one are you using?) and I'm in heaven with the Ravens, glad to know you are too!
(your kids are adorable - ok, they won't appreciate that word, now will they?)
How about "they're COOL!"