Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Yunnan gnome hat

Sometimes you really need to finish something. The fact that this is now a completed item of holiday knitting just makes finishing it better!! I have officially finished one of my holiday gifts! Let there be dancing!

I'm calling this the Yunnan Gnome Hat because the colors remind me of tea (Yunnan tea in particular) and this is a very acorny/elfy/tomten sort of hat with the wee point and tassel. I actually did that part on purpose to make it elfy. Like the oldest says, "Mom, it wouldn't be yours if something wasn't whimsical and a little silly about it." This was knit with some of my handspun in the "nightshade" colorway from Spunky Eclectic. I think it will be very, very warm. And I love the self striping nature of the yarn. Handspun is nifty!

funky singles

First bobbin of singles in the "unearthed" colorway from Funky Carolina. Not doing anything special with the colors in this one, just letting them spin up and will ply together the way they want.


teabird said...

"elfy" - I like that!

Roxie said...

The hat is elegant and designer-y, and the new yarn looks yummy! Gee you do nice work!