Tuesday, November 20, 2007

*sigh* I am procrastinating when I should be leaving for work.

I've been surfing porn.

pigeonroof 4

How can you not when it's just spread out for your delectation on the table like that?

pigeonroof 1pigeonroof 2pigeonroof 3pigeonroof 5

This is several Pigeonroof Studios orders I'd made and paid for previously over the last, er, 6 months? And due to supplier problems, they just all got here today. It was like, Christmas, in a box.

Can I just roll around on my stash naked instead of going in to work today? I don't WAAAANNA go to work today. I want to wallow in fiber.


Lucia said...

Maybe you could sell pix?

KnitNana said...

Gorgeous and I don't blame you. Did you make it out the door to work?