Sunday, November 25, 2007

Oh prepaid sock clubs... how instant is your gratification. How welcome!


A month or two ago, Zen Yarn Garden put up a blog and sign up for the "Sumptuous Sock Yarn Club" and she said she would be featuring things like Mongolian cashmere, silk, and other luxe fibers. How could I resist signing up? How very happy I am now that I did!

It's very happy to get random yarn in the mail.

I was at the yarn store yesterday, getting the last few things for my SP11 final reveal box (I'm late, I know, but better late than never!) and I walked up to the counter with my gifts and whipped out my card to pay for them and said, "Well none of this is for me. I'm on a budget." and my Yarn Pusher said, "Oh then you won't want to see the new Rio De La Plata handpainted sock yarn we just put out. It's merino. But you don't want to see that."



No, just kidding, she's my favorite yarn pusher, and I won't be supporting the store this holiday season because this was my last yarn purchase for a good long time (ahahahahaha! she says that now! Ahaha! ha!) and so I didn't feel so bad for, um, just one last skein before I'm on my budget.

I'm going to try to actually spin today if I can ever get through the household chores (2nd load of dishes and I still have to do the bathrooms and the living room). The morning got rather filled with errands. SO much for that "relaxing day at home" I had planned!

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Tempted Handpainted Yarns said...

Very nice yarn porn. Thanks for the tease.
xoxo Stacy