Friday, November 09, 2007

I think there's a knit blogger drinking game that tells you to take a big ole shot of something when someone blogs, "OMG, I have too much fiber and no money, WHAHAHAHA, call the whahhhhmbulance, OMG, like, yarn diet totallyoMG!!!"

Yeah, omg. Yarn diet. Me. Too much fiber, no money. I gotta become a yarn teetotaler for a while, alas. Whahahahahaha.

Go ahead. Pour a shot. I'll wait.

No, no, really. I've got time.

Better now? Glad I could help.

In all seriousness, we learned today that the ex Mr. YP's company is terminating our health insurance at the end of the year. We'll be able to continue to pay for it out of pocket and get it through the company's plan, but they will no longer cover any portion of it. Rates have, apparently, tripled, in the last year. To say that I'm a bit nervous about this is an understatement. To say that we'll have to tighten up is also an understatement. It's a good thing I paid off all our credit cards. Now we can funnel the payment to insurance instead. Too bad about college, kids. I doubt we'll keep our dental coverage, it'll be all we can do to maintain the medical.

So yeah. It was really fun while it lasted, being able to buy yarn and join clubs and spend "extra" money on fun things like that. But losing our paid health insurance? That is a big reshifting of priorities. Oh boy is it ever. I've really taken having access to healthcare for granted. I've taken having doctors and dental care for granted.

There is something fundamentally broken when you wake up and think, "gosh I've taken going to the doctor for granted, and that was really unrealistic of me." because I'm sorry but, access to healthcare should NOT be a luxury.

Access to healthcare IS a luxury in this country. Health insurance is a luxury. And it oughtn't be. It makes me angry. It should have made me a LOT angrier, a lot sooner, and I'm ashamed about that.

I know what MY big election day issue is going to be next year.

Back to reality.


Inky said...

I was without health insurance for two years - it was so frightening, and no one would cover me because of my obesity. Do whatever you have to to keep yourselves insured!! I'll even send you yarn if your larder gets low (but I bet it won't anytime soon, hahaha!)

Mouse said...

We haven't had health care of any kind for about 6 years.. the only place that covered even one of us was Colorado (for my son when he was an infant). Even if when my husband worked somewhere that offered insurance.. it was about $400 a month out of his paycheck.. which is something we can't afford. I don't understand why this country think that health care is optional either but it makes me very very angry.
I'm sorry about your money problems.. believe me.. I understand FAR too well.

KnitNana said...

Sending you (((hugs)))
I do understand all too well. And you're right. Health care shouldn't be a luxury.

But I'm beginning to feel as if I need to knit from stash for a bit, too!

teabird said...

I was listening to a Canadian politician who was discussing the health care issue. He said that to Canadians, free health care is a Canadian value. Imagine a country whose values include health care, not invading whatever damn country ... sorry, I won't rant.

I'm sorry about your situation. It's just not right. (hand squeeze here)

Roxie said...

Blessings on you, dear heart. Health care is so expensive and so important. May solutions soon come.

sopranospinner said...

I'm with you! Just found out yesterday that my kids are covered as of Sunday on the Healthy Families program, but we grownups are now out in the cold. Because we made $2,000 over poverty level last year. Think we bought a lot of luxuries with that? Think again! Universal Health Care is a huge issue with me this election cycle as well. Along with civil liberties, war crimes, et al. But the thought that for the last month my children would have to eat OR go to the doctor, that freaked me out.

Oh, and it looks like I can't come spinning tomorrow after all. Our Girl Scout troop has WAY too much fall product left and has to do some last minute boothing this weekend. Pooh.


if time exists said...

Health insurance in this country makes me SO angry. I should be able to get insured through my job in a few months, but I'm not looking forward to however much I will end up losing from each paycheck. I can't believe we have to consider insurance a "luxury", but it's absolutely true. I just wish that instead of just hearing politicians talk about health care reform, that we could actually see some improvements once in awhile. I get all riled up everytime I hear Bush condemn "socialized healthcare".

I'm sorry fiber acquisition will have to slow down, but at least it sounds like you've got good reserves!

Cambria said...

I hear ya! This is the first job i've ever had that offered health insurance. Every other year I just had to pray for good healty.