Friday, November 09, 2007

I am.... so damn tired.

Jury duty continues. I have to go back next week. I don't know when we're going to be done but I really hope next week is it.

I was supposed to have tomorrow off but that is not to be. No, I get to work a closing shift and then another one again on Sunday. Why is my nice day off cancelled? Well...

Dear Co-worker who blew off his shift and didn't show up for work and is now so very fired which means I have to cover and have no day off this weekend.
F*ck you very much. Could you ram your head any farther up your arse if you tried? I don't think so.
No love.
PS: You are so very fired.

Um, so, yeah. Rough week. Over an hour and a half to make it home from downtown to the westside tonight after court recessed. I only live 20 minutes away from downtown via the 10. That's just redonkulous to sit in traffic for so long.

Still very much going to make it to the spin in tomorrow. I can spin, have lunch, then go to work and do my shift. Long day, yes, but I don't have to miss the one fun part of my weekend, at least!

I'm trying to muster the energy to make dinner and then maybe spin up the last bit of BFL from Sakina, so I can start something new for the spin in tomorrow. Or ply. Or something. Pictures tomorrow!

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