Thursday, October 11, 2007

So the entire knit blog o sphere knows that Crazy Aunt Purl's book "Drunk, Divorced and Covered In Cat Hair" has come out and that she's doing her book tour. So maybe y'all can catch her coming soon to a bookstore near you. I do believe the schedule is on her site.

I went to the signing tonight up at the Grove and it was really nifty. Lots of local SnB'ers, some folks from Ravelry I'd not met yet, and then La Purl herself was pretty
nifty. Very authentic, warm and funny. I really enjoyed both the reading and the Q&A that followed but I was too shy to go up and get my book signed. You, should you be so lucky as to have her in your area soon, should not be so shy. Go get your book signed.

I work about 4 doors down from where she was signing, in the same shopping center and my 8 hours of retail hell ended about 2 hours before the signing started. Got a hot chocolate, a paperback, and set up camp in the signing area to knit and chill out. As the room began to fill up with local knitters, all of whom were saying hi and hugging each other and chatting, I just felt like... bad. I don't know any of the LA SnB'ers well - I've only been to one or two of the Thursday night WeHo groups, so none of them know me. I probably could have emerged from the Fortress Of Spiky Isolation and socialized a little with the faces I did recognize, but I felt pretty paralyzed and just couldn't get myself past it.

And of COURSE I was huddled in the farthest corner away from everyone in the back, with my nose buried self defensively in a book, not talking to anyone and feeling like the weird kid who nobody talks to. Which I am sure was very inviting to anyone who might have recognized me and wanted to say hello.

Dear Social Anxiety, please fuck off very much, you are not helping, no love, me.

Anyway, it was one of those post-divorcing nights where, it was either sit there quietly or try to have actual speech with someone and end up having to go cry. The subject matter of the book does hit a little close to home these days. I opted to sit there quietly, enjoy the talk and the reading, and then head out before it broke up. And enjoy it I did, very much, no matter how much my stupid head tried to get in the way. She's damn funny, you guys.

She said something about "stalking happiness" that made me think (and laugh.) About how you have to hunt down happiness every day, and find it.

Food for thought.

The cool thing about knitting book signings? Is that the room is full of knitters wearing handknit things and knitting.

My people.

I am afraid to talk to them in person, yes, but gosh how happy I am that the world is full of knitters.

Also, go to a damn book signing and buy a copy of the book so that they'll pay her to write another one. Cos that'd be nifty.


littledevilworks said...

I'm so sorry I missed you... I was specifically looking for you since I know you work in the center... next time come closer to the front. I'll sit with you!

Mouse said...

I totally understand how a social situation can bring you back to the "weird kid no one talks to" syndrome from high school faster than you can blink. I did end up getting to have my book signed at Harlot even though I felt like a total dork in front of her.. it was cool though.
I don't like crowds of people but I do manage to crawl out of my shell when there are knitters involved. I do love seeing lots of folks in handknits as well.

Cambria said...

Dear Rain,
I love you! You kill me and I'm cracking up over here. (just thought you'd want to know).
Love, Cam. :)

loopykd said...

Well I would have sat with you if I was there and I don't know anyone either! But I was so the girl noone talked to in highschool and I hate the feeling when it comes back. Speaking of socializing, any scheduled spin-in for October?

Ina said...

However divided in mind and spirit, at least you were there. I hope next time will be better.

Jerry said...

I was so happy that you said something to me on the ride down the Escalators. I guess it helps that I stand out in the crown just a little bit. You were one of the bright spots in the evening for Debbie and I. We would have joined you if I had seen you in the crowd.