Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ok, the sheer amount of STUPID that is currently running rampant through my daughter's middle school is mind boggling.

Mind. Boggling.

The school has instituted a "no contact rule" which means, students are not allowed to touch each other. Ever. No hand holding. No hugging, not even between friends. Kissing is an offense that will get you suspended. Because, and this is a quote, "holding hands will lead to other, more intimate situations."

Today a substitute science teacher told my daughter's class that "statistically there are more obese women than men, because women have no self control."

Because women. have. no. self. control. *boggles more*

My daughter, who is a brave and outspoken soul, challenged this assertion in class and tried to engage her teacher in a debate on the point. The teacher asked her if she ever goes to 7-11 and buys a Slurpee, to illustrate his point that women have no self control. Because, um, my child is female and er, Slurpee = no self control therefore all women are rampant Slurpee fiends? Truly, I cannot follow the logic.

There have been other instances of rampant fuckmuppetry lately. These are just the ones from today.

My daughter came home from school and immediately started spouting Rilo Kiley lyrics at me.

and the talking leads to touching
and the touching leads to sex.

which made me laugh.

But mostly, I'm just pissed off. Because that is a truly misogynistic, awful, hateful thing to say to a room full of teenage girls and a horribly sexist message to send to a room full of teenage boys.

I have to organize some kind of a scathing letter to the district now, to, you know, hopefully get him fired. Because dumping a Slurpee down his pants, my first impulse, would violate the no contact rule.

Your tax dollars at work, kids.


tehandehness said...

Oh lordy, thats awful! Women today have enough issues to deal with, we don't need teachers who have low self esteem trying to bring us females down to their levels.

Let the scathing letter writing commence!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely complain. Especially if he passed this off as scientific rather than mysogynistic opinion. What a wanker! As for not touching... *sigh* I only wish the parents of the fuckwits who come up with these rules had followed them!

And those Rilo Kiley lyrics popped into my head too. :)

Mouse said...

I'm sure if you poured a slurpey down his pants that would be the closest a woman has gotten to his pants in a LONG time.. judging from his commentary.

KnitNana said...

For heavens sake. We just never make much progress do we? Yes, you obviously have to write a letter, but perhaps to the local newspaper and copy the school? Because that's just about the most ridiculous set of rules (and forget the faulty logic, for a minute) the most negative set of explanations I've heard in years. I would have hoped we would not have regressed to this point, but then I look at society these days and I realize that they've only gotten stronger...
Stay strong, sistah!

teabird said...

It's hard to come up with something to say. How do you respond do utter, black-hearted, insidious idiocy?

Good for your daughter!

loopykd said...

I can't even believe this! I am a housewife which makes me a weird kind of feminist, but that's too far. I think you should contact the news stations with this one. That's maybe enough pressure! Any parent, mother or father, should be offended and irritated with this information. KTLA might do a story about the school in general. The no touching (ridiculous) and the whole slurpee thing. OMG I could go on all day on this one! So many things wrong, so many!

Ina said...

Lemme see.... Girl buys Slurpee = no self control = obesity. Boy buys Slurpee = ??? Mr. Slurpeepants ought to be censured for faulty logic, bad science, bullying pedagogy, misogyny, and marginalizing overweight people.

Hooray for Young Yarnpirate for standing up to him. Just wait 'til he meets Mama Yarnpirate! After all, doesn't the no touching rule apply to students, not parents? Just sayin'.

Lynda the Guppy said...

Hmmm...Technically, if you did not actually make contact with him and just, say, dumped the slurpee over his head, you wouldn't be violating the rules, since you yourself are not actually doing the touching.


Good for your daughter for speaking up! No matter how the discussion ended, bravo for her for standing up for herself, her fellow classmates, and her fellow women. You've raised exactly the kind of young woman this world needs. And, funnily enough, the same kind of girl my mother raised. LOL.

geogrrl said...

Good for your daughter for speaking up. Not only does that letter need to go to the superintendent of schools, it should also go to whoever is in charge of education at the state level. Make sure all parties are aware of just who has received letters. Crap tends to roll downhill.

You may consider contacting the owner of the "Shapely Prose" blog, who often speaks out against this kind of misogyny.

Cassie said...

Wow - I agree with mind-boggling... on both counts. I'm not sure which part annoyed me (on your behalf) more... I don't remember middle-school being so intense, and I can't imagine being told I can't hug my friends or hold their friends. Evil. Narrow-minded. School Administrators. I feel for you - Good Luck!

Cassie said...

(... or hold their HANDS).

*sigh* I really should preview my comments.