Tuesday, October 23, 2007

stony mountain handspun

I am exhausted and in the middle of what can only be termed as Work and also Teenager Hell. I don't have a lot to blog about because I am just making incremental progress on projects you've already heard all about but, I can say, I did this. 2 ply sock yarn that actually looks and behaves like sock yarn. It is the right weight, the ply is for the most part as tight as I want it to be, it did mostly what I asked it to do, and it is the first thing I have done with intention from A-Z where that intention actually worked out.

The biggest thing? I spun it on my wheel and I plied it on my wheel. I have been, up till now, plying with a spindle after spinning the singles on the wheel. Not anymore, baby.

I can ply. I can ply. I can ply! /peter pan>

It is imperfect, but it is pretty damn exciting all the same, because it is a milestone.

Milestones rock.


sopranospinner said...

Congratulations! What socks are you knitting with that lovely yarn?

Miss T said...


teabird said...

That is gorgeous!

(Never smile at a crocodile...)

KnitNana said...


loopykd said...

Wow! That really is beautiful. I bet you can't wait to knit it, but maybe you will just put it on a pedestal.

Ragnar said...

This is a really tardy comment, since I now read blogs on my cell phone, and commenting is impossible. But first of all, congrats on the sock yarn, tres fabu!

So awhile back you had a post about having left over yarn when you ply.

A friend of my clued me into this, and now I do it all the time. Take your single and wind it onto a ballwinder directly off your bobbin,so that you have a center-pull ball, then you can ply from both ends and have no leftovers, ever. It's super nifty.

Before I had a ball winder I used a nostepinne but that was very time consuming.

Ply away purdy birdy.

Roxie said...

The "imperfections" add character and excitement. If you want yarn made with machine-like precision, get yarn made by a machine. I love your yarn!!

Lucia said...

I belieeeeve I can ply...

(sorry, couldn't resist)