Sunday, October 14, 2007

I have acquired a few things over the last day and change. A tensioned lazy kate that matches my Kromski Sonata. A travel case for said Kromski Sonata. Three new 4 oz. bobbins. Best though, by far, is my stepdaughter who is on a 14 day leave from the Marine Corps. Well, 10 days of leave, 4 travel days. So we have her for at least a week and change. The oldest and youngest are thrilled, of course.

She brought me the most beautiful bracelet, silk robe and chopsticks from Japan, where she was previously stationed. I taught her to knit on her last leave and now she's asked me to teach her to spin. I'm going to start her on a drop spindle and see if she likes it. I think she likes to crochet a little better than to knit, but that's ok. I love that we can share some fiber fun!

Just really happy that she's here and home with us for as long as we get her.

I continue my quest to spin the ideal sock yarn. Today was spent at Stick and Stone in Van Nuys, hanging out with some rather awesome spinners and learning a little bit about plying and fiber in general. I think I may have to make that a semi regular Sunday tradition. So I came home and immediately split up some Finn I bought on Etsy, and began spinning up singles to try to ply into something socky. Adding a bit more twist than normal and we'll see how it goes. The Bordello roving I got from Tempted is gorgeous now that the twist is set, but it's definitely a little underplied still, for socks. I'll get there. I guess the Tempted handspun is going to go into a sweater after all!

The "Beginning Spinners" board on Ravelry is super helpful if you haven't discovered it yet, as is "Spinning Knitters" - I've gotten a great deal of help and information from the folks there. Really love the fiber community and the way that knowledge is shared so readily. Love of the craft really shines through.

Yay! My people!


loopykd said...

Hey those are both my groups! Started them both and I love them too. Going spinning (I hope) in Anaheim tonight.

Will Pillage For Yarn said...

Well they're both super helpful groups with a great base of people who've joined up. Bravo!

I think we're shooting for the first weekend in Nov. for spinning, btw. I'm just waiting on my work schedule to see what weekend day I have off.

Roxie said...

Please tell your stepdaughter that I said thank you for taking care of me.

As for spinning, I started on a wheel and still can't master a drop spindle.